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Wholesale from warehouses in Europe and Asia

Wholesale trade in goods. Company «EuroRosi Trading & Broking OÜ» carries out wholesale deliveries of goods. The range of assortment presented in our company is composed of leading European and Asian brands. In our face you will find a reliable partner

Logistics services from door to door

Logistics services from door to door A full range of freight forwarding services, or delivery of goods from door to door is the most convenient and reliable way to delivery of goods. Logistics company «EuroRos Trading & Broking OÜ» offers the services of "turnkey" with the ideal price-performance ratio. We keep a term

Marketing services

High-quality marketing services - the key to the effectiveness of the marketing strategy of the brand. On how well-developed brand marketing strategy directly influence the effectiveness of key business practices such as strategic management of brand assets, budgeting companies, management audit, methods of attracting customers and staff motivation system. In addition, the marketing strategy has a direct impact on the company's internal and external positioning technology, its products and services We will help you!

Agency services

Implementation of business often requires taking actions beyond manufactured goods and services: market research, shipping, legal services and so on. To solve these problems, you can enter into the state of additional workers, and can transfer these functions to a third party, who as an intermediary, or on your own behalf and will perform the necessary actions. It is these relationships and adjusts the agency agreement. We are professionals in their field!

Business planning

Business planning - a clear, structured plan for an entrepreneur in the future. If your head spinning thoughts on the implementation of your activities, and you believe in your mind to figure out all wrong. All calculations, charts, graphs must be transferred to the paper. You and it will be easier and easier to assess the situation. ... high efficiency


About company

We provide the highest range of services: Business planning, marketing services, agency services, logistics services from door to door.

Our company EuroRosi Trading & Broking OÜ provides services & nbsp; transport on various routes and distances.

In today's world, where time is valued as gold, for business a luxury to lose it on the road.

Provide address these challenges a team of professionals!

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